BLOCWORX | Angel Business Club
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Angel Business Club

Communications, Strategy
About This Project

Angel Business Club is Europe’s largest community of business angels, offering a range of business and investment opportunities you would otherwise be unable to access.

  • Free shares and participate in the growth of selected Club companies
  • Access through Angel Corporate Finance to qualified investment and pre-IPO opportunities
  • Actively participate in driving the growth of Club companies – helping to deliver Angel Capital!

In less than 2 years the Club has developed an innovative Eco-System to fund and accelerate the growth of exciting businesses. Since its start in July 2015, the Club has…

  • Become Europe’s largest community of business angels with over 10,000 members
  • Developed 10 Companies and driven 2 IPOs with more to come in 2017
  • Built a complex and scalable financial e-platform

All this within a transparent and regulated socio-financial environment.

BlocWorx have been developing the overall marketing strategy for ABC & Angel EQT as well as promoting the individual companies as the go to market.