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About This Project

R_Block, the world’s first blockchain based semi-anonymous decentralised hiring network, comes to market with a new referencing digital tool that will open employment doors wide, increase efficiencies and minimise time and costs, resulting in a new wave of successful, and most importantly, accurate job placements. Built on smart-contracts, this “careers ledger” will provide workers a secure and trusted job network, including full control of work experience data and skills proof .

Following the successful launch of their minimal viable product, the R_Block platform runs on a consortium Ethereum blockchain. They are now in beta stage, with real-time users who are already benefiting from the platform.

Smart-contracts lock in references until requested by employees, putting individuals back in control as they own and share references and CVs on their terms. The nature of security and trust also adds benefit to recruiters and companies, with R_Block being fully GDPR compliant. This combined with semi-anonymity will drastically reduce fear of prejudice, leaving employees safe in the knowledge that their experience will be recognised based on their abilities and skills and not unfairly skewed.

Combining the development of R_Block’s platform with the launch of the new R_Block crypto token Credo Verification (CV) will provide a monetised incentive to users of the platform. Architected on Ethereum and complying with the widely-accepted ERC-20 token standard, users of R_Block will be able to make payments with CV in real-time and earn CVToken’s  by anyone sharing data such as skills proof or a worker interacting with a company approaching them about a job.

As a means of scaling up and growing their community, R_Block will be launching the first of three Coinception token sales on 30th January. Participants of the token sale will obtain CV tokens by sending Ethereum or Bitcoin to an Ethereum Smart Contract Address.

After the token sale closes, token owners will receive withdrawable CV tokens, which will be available to trade on exchanges in 2018.

R_Block’s platform leads the way in applying the ground-breaking lesson of the distributed ledger to recruitment, leaping over legacy systems and operations and is set to shake up the recruitment industry for both job seekers and companies. The platform will empower employees with a new-found level of trust and transparency, creating a harmonious and effective recruitment environment.

BlocWorx have been managing R_Block’s go to market communication with a combination of PR, event presence, digital and social media adverting, engagement and management and programmatic advertising buying.